Sublime 2000 Memory Mattress 4'0

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Product SKU: SUBL120MATT
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Comfort: Luxury Firm
Height: 27cm
Length: 190cm
Width: 120cm
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The Sublime Memory 2000 is a luxurious yet incredible value small double pocket sprung memory mattress with a Luxury Firm feel .

It features 2000 pocket springs with an extra deep, hand tufted 7.5 cm of high grade memory foam.

The pocket springs move individually to give you fantastic postural support and eliminates feeling your partners movement during the night. The memory foam works with the pocket springs to give you a fantastic postural suport, but also gives a huge reduction in the pressure points on your muscles helping your body to become fully relaxed, increase blood flow and reduce your subconscious movement during the night. The featured stress-free cover also helps movement reduction by conducting any build up of static electricity away from your body. This helps you get into a much deeper sleep cycle and leaves you feeling far more rested and refreshed in the morning.
The open cell technology in the memory foam is complemented further by having a spring system underneath, allowing the mattress to breathe and effectively regulate your bodies temperature through the night.
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